Miang Pla Steamed Fish


$25 for the whole fish including noodles in 500ml container plus 2x sauces plus salad
Miang Pla Steamed Fish – This northern Thai dish is one for the whole family to enjoy.  Directly translated to “one bite-sized wrap”, family members gather round the dish and each to put piece of fish (Barramundi), rice noodle into a wrap of in-season vegetables topped with sauce to one’s liking.  Comes with two sauces: sweet peanut-based sauce with hint of spicy chili (red color) and a spicy sauce (green color) to accompany.  See picture for how to eat the fish wrapped in salad and sauce.
Note: If you or your children have peanut allergy, we’ll provide an alternative of home-made plum sauce.
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