Greek Chicken and Potatoes


$19.80 per 650ml

$23.80 per 1000ml

Indulge in this hearty meal worth serving to the whole family, or eating it solo. Packed with lots of Mediterranean flavour, the roasted Chicken Breast, potato wedges, cauliflower and brocolli and olives are seasoned with aromatic rosemary, zesty lemon and lots of garlic. When baked all together you’re left with a dish of gourmet comfort food. 

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Linguini Bistro –  Mediterranean food served to you at its very best . Enjoy gourmet food at home, savour the taste of delicious, freshly made to order dishes that is packed with healthy goodness for you and your family. Aromatic, hearty and well balanced. Lovely especially during those cooler days and nights. 

Requires 3-4 days notice